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Ryan is the one who is not Din Thomas.

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Ryan Davies is a tremendous mma blogger by day and a fair to middling lover by night. Ryan lives his life a quarter mile at a time. Young Ryan’s life was changed forever when he came across a copy of UFC 2 at his local video store, upon viewing Ryan witnessed kick boxer Patrick Smith severely assault Scott Moriss, a mullet sporting American ninja in parachute pants. This introduction to real fighting sent Ryan down a lifelong pursuit of seeking “No Holds Bar” fights. Now living in the present day utopia that is the mixed martial arts world, Ryan spends his days trying to watch every fight that occurs and report it back to the world.

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C. Thomas Rockwell


Devilishly Handsome and Dangerously Cheesy

Formerly a low-level professional fighter, Army medic, meat cutter, retail manager, residential demolition peon, bouncer, convenience store clerk (Randal, not Dante), and many other worthless things. Currently a pre-med student in Alaska. Permanently a consummate wanderer, amateur philanderer, and journeyman asshole.