UFC Veteran and Former NFL Big Man Highlight Card of Combat Night Pro 3


Chamale (Orange hat) and  Samman (center) following a 2015 Chamale victory.



The Tallahassee based promotion Combat Night will hold their third Pro event on July 29th in Casselberry Florida at Orlando Live Events venue.

Founded by pro fighters Mitchell Chamale and the late Josh Samman, Combat Night has been the premier amateur MMA promotion in the state of Florida since 2012.

Chamale and Samman had long planned to venture into the pro market together. After the tragic death of Samman  last October Chamale vowed to make Combat Night Pro an event that his friend and business partner would be proud of.

The main event for Combat Night Pro 3 will feature UFC and UCF alum Jim “The Beast” Alers, the former Cage Warrior champion will be returning to the cage following a year long layoff. 

Alers will be taking on former Island Fights Lightweight champion Elvin “El Bandido” Brito who has been one of the top Lightweights in the state of Florida for the past five years.

The card will also feature former Jacksonville Jaguar defensive end 6’5″Austen Lane, Ultimate Fighter veteran Matt Munsey and undefeated Pensacola prospect Andre Hall. These are just a few of the hungry, young up and comers booked to do battle on July 29th.

Combat Night Pro 3

July 29th, 2017

Casselberry, Florida Orlando Live Events

  • Jim Alers (13-3) vs. Elvin Brito (10-4)
  • Andre Hall (1-0) vs. Bryan Cromer (2-0)
  • Matt Munsey (5-1) vs. Thiago Silva (1-1)
  • Cameron Page (4-1) vs. Cleveland Mclean (6-5)
  • Javanis Ross (1-0) vs. Trenton McDade (3-1)
  • Austen Lane (1-0) vs. TBA
  • Johnny Baldridge (2-0) vs. Patrick Corrigan (1-1)
  • Jacob Brunelle (1-2) vs. Chris Walker (0-1)
  • Joel Crook (0-0) vs. William Sizemore (1-3)
  • Emmanuel Ramirez (2-3) vs. John Morehouse (2-8)
  • Albert Martinez (2-1) vs. James Wynn (4-20)


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