Fight Time 36: Garner vs. Delgado (Live Play by Play)

Alex Delgado vs. Alfonso Frierson

Round 1:  Both fighters land early, They clinch up against the fence, back out and Delgado lands a trip straight to half guard. Ribeiro reverses when Delgado attempts to pass to side. Delgado scrambles back up, they reset and Frierson drops Delgado with a right straight to the body but fails to follow up and allows Delgado to catch his wind. 10-9 Frierson

Round 2: Delgado clinches and and pulls guard. Frierson immediately passes to side then mounts a visibly exuasted Delgado and starts unloading. Delgado gives up his back eats shots for about 40 secs before the ref steps in.

Round 3:

Frierson TKO 2nd

Travis Taylor vs. Luis Manuel Marquez

Round 1: They feel each other out for the first minute, Taylor lands a few inside low kicks. Marquez starts to counter the low kick with a right straight . Taylor drops Marquez and pounces on him for the finish, but Marquez recovers and lands a take down. Taylor gives up his back but is able to stand back up. Taylor opens up a significant cut above Marquez’s eye and the doctor is brought in.  Marquez is able to continue, when the action starts Marquez attempts a single leg and gets taken down.  They get back to their feet and Marquez motions to the ref that he can not continue. It appears he has a shoulder injury. Taylor TKO/Injury 1st

Round 2:

Round 3:

Emannuel Verdier vs. Sasha Palatnikov

Round : They exchange on the feet trading jabs, Platnikov clearly comes from a traditional martial arts background throwing front kicks. Verdure lands and double leg slam straight to side. Platnikov stands while Verdier attempts a dark before eventually letting him up. They reset and continue to exchange at a pretty even clip, Platnikov lands low and the ref stops the action. round ends. Palatnikov edges out the round landing a few more shots on the feet despite the brief take down. Palatnikov 10-9

Round 2: Verdier opens with a nice double jab, Palatnikov  lands a take down but isn’t able to hold him down. Back on the feet Verdier is the fresher of the two and is still throwing efficient combos while Palatnikov is gassing and missing with looping hooks. Verdier clinches up against the fence and is able to get the take down easily. Verdeir moves to mount uncontested lands a few shots, Palatnikov gives up his back eats a few more shots before the ref steps in. Verdier TKO 2nd

Round 3:


Fredrico Moncaio vs. Matthew Colquhoun

Round 1: Moicaino immediately shoots, does not get it at first but is persistent and finally secures the take down and moves to half. After a few elbow he passes to mount and begins raining down shots. Colquhoun is able to recover half and bucks himself free. When he attempts to scramble to his feet Moncaio jumps on his back flattens them out and sinks in the RNC. Moncaio RNC 1st

Round 2:

Round 3:


Ladarius Jackson vs. Michael Lilly 

Round 1: Lee Henry opens with a few low kicks, Jackson shoots a power double that drives Lilly across the ring. Jackson secures the take down and inches to half guard. Lilly is able to regain guard. Lilly grabs a heel and tries to lock in a heel hook but is unsuccessful. They stand and Jackson shoots Lilly defends and is able to take his back, Lilly appears to have a RNC but the bell sounds saving Jackson. 10-9 Jackson

Round 2: Jackson opens with a take down up against the fence. Lilly is able to get to his feet and reverse Jackson up against the fence, Lilliy unloads on Jackson up against the fence almost getting the stoppage. Lilly secures back control again and locks in the choke again and Jackson is saved by the bell again. 10-9 Lilly

Round 3: They clinch against the fence and Lilly ends up in side and opens up with heavy hammerfists to the body. Lilly lands a few hard shots, but nothing significant, Jackson is clearly gassed and attempting to hang on. Lilly is on top the whole round. 10-9 Lilly

Punch-Face 29-28 Lilly – Official Cards Not Read – Lilly Unanimous Decision


Luis Raul Gomez vs. Pedro Gomes

Round 1: They take turns trading hard single shots, Gomez lands  a few hard low kicks that can be heard throughout the venue. Gomes lands a low kick of his own. Gomes is the aggressor pushing the pace and landing a few single shots. The lights go out… and action is halted. Lights come back on and round ends. 10-9 Gomes

Round 2: Start of the round is very close on the feetm as the round progresses Gomez begins to get loose and starts landing at a higher rate to take the round. 10-9 Gomez

Round 3: The kickboxing match continues and Gomes is landing hard counters. Gomes buckles Gomez with a right hook. Gomez lands a leg kick that makes Gomes grimace. Gomez lands a double leg in the last minute but is not able to hold him down. Gomez ends the fight with a spinning kick to the body. Gomez 10-9

Punch-Face: 29-28 Gomez – Official:  No Cards read Gomes Unanimous Decision

They call the fighters back in and reverse the decision to Split Decision for Gomez

Rico Farrington vs. Fernando Ribeiro

Round 1: Farrington starts out landing jabs and sprawling to defend the take down. Ribeiro is circling looking for the perfect opportunity to shoot but is get tagged while stating on the outside. Farrington continues to land and sprawl easily taking the first. Farrington 10-9

Round 2: Round is much of the same Farring in stays on his bike for the first four miniutes picking Ribeiro apart. Ribeiro is finally able to get in on a single leg and gets the fight down. Once on the ground he passes to side, but doesn’t land anything significant or attempt a submission. 10-9 Farrington

Round 3: Third falls into the same rhythm, Ribeiro failing to land his take downs and Farrington landing punishment on the feet. Farrington 10-9

Punch-Face: 30-27 Farrington – Official: 29-28 Farrington Unanimous Decision

Miguel Baeza vs. Agustus D’Angelo

Round 1: D’Angelo is the aggressor on the feet but Baeza is landing at a higher volume. Bazea continues to circle and counter landing a hard counter right, They stop and exchange and Baeza lands the best shot in the sequence a left hook that bloodies D’Angelo”s lip.  10-9 Baeza

Round 2: Baeza opens the round with another hard left hook that backs D”Angelo up against the fence. Baeza follows him in and unloads on him dropping him and getting the stoppage. Baeza TKO 2nd

Round 3:



Everett Simms vs Frank Tate

Round 1: Both Men whiff on hay makers, Tate loads up a right and eats a kick to the body before he can throw. Simms corners Tate against the cage and drops hime with a body kick, follows him down to the mat and pounds him out. Simms TKO 1st

Round 2:

Round 3:

Kenneth Garner vs. Oscar Delgado

Round 1: Garner drops Delgado with a right, follows him down, mounts him and applies a forearm choke to get the tap. Garner Submission 1st

Round 2:

Round 3:


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