Fight Time 35: Rocha vs. Izquierdo – A New Age (Live Play by Play)



Plinio Ferriera vs. Ginseng Du Jour

Round One:  They exchange leg kicks for the first miniute feeling each other out. Ferraria lands a hard leg kick that causes Du Jour to limp. Ferraiera continues to land kicks that go unchecked and Du Jour can no longer put weight on back leg. Du Jour appears to recover as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Ferriera

Round Two: Du Jour pushes the pace early and begins to turn the tides, but Ferriera goes back to the kicks to the lead leg. Ferriera regains momentum and backs Du Jour up against the cage and flurries but fails to land. Ferrari starts throwing head kicks but nothing gets through. 10-9 Ferriera

Round Three: Round three looks very similar to the first two, but Du Jour lands a right straight that opens Ferriera up. Both fighters are relatively inactive and neither land anything significant the entire round. 10-9 Du Jour

Recap: Ferriera wins a stand up battle with hard leg kicks, he hobbled Du Jour with in the first minute but was very calculated in his attack and failed to close the fight out.

Punch-Face Card: 29-28 Ferriera – Official Cards 30-27 30-27 30-27 Ferriera 

Ferriera Unanimous Decision

Photos courtesy of Brandon Haines


Javier Baez vs. Kester Mark

Round One: Mark controls the pace early, Baez lands a double leg and goes straight to mount but loses position and ends up on bottom. Mark moves to mount and sinks in a top side guillotine rolls to his back to try to finish and loses position. Baez holds top position for a minute and lands a little ground and pound. Mark is able to stand up and clinches Baez against the cage where he lands a few knees before attempting a throw that he can’t land. They restart and finish on the feet. 10-9 Baez 

Round Two: Baez starts the round out with an immediate takedown. Baez lands a hard elbow and Mark throws up an unsuccessful triangle attempt. Mark stands and rolls for a knee bar that Baez defends and moves into halfguard. Mark is able to get back to the feet for a short time before getting taken back down to end the round. 10-9 Baez

Round Three: Mark gets the better of the stand up early and Baez slips going for a shot which allows Mark to take his back and land a few hard shots underneath Baez’s arms. Mark temporary loses position but is able to regain back control and land more hard shots. Baez appears gassed and Kester totally dominates the grappling exchanges. 10-9 Mark

Recap: Baez wins the first two with dominant wrestling and hangs on despite gassing in the third and losing the round badly. Baez gives acceptance speech and the judges call the fighters back and declare the fight a Majority Draw

Punch-Face 29-28 Baez – Official Card 29-28, 28-28, 28-28

Majority Draw

Photos courtesy of Brandon Haines


Juanare Saintil vs. Socrates Pierre

Round One: Saintil enters the clinch behind a one two and muscles Pierre down to the mat. Pierre reverses and gets both hooks and and begins to open up with a flurry of blows coming close to getting a stoppage. Saintil is able to get to his feet where he lands a hard knee that drops Pierre, Saintil follows him down and lands more hard shots, but Pierre is saved by the bell. Saintil collapses at the bell and is unable answer the bell in the second. AMAZING ROUND!

Round Two:

Round Three:

Recap: Pierre wins an amazing back and forth war that end when Saintil is unable to answer the bell in the second and is taken away on a stretcher.

Pierre TKO Retirement

Photos courtesy of Brandon Haines

Leo Valdivia vs. Alan Arzeno

Round One: Arzeno is backing Valdivia down in a traditional may thai stance, but the quicker Valdivia blitzes in and lands a hard right that Arzeno counters with a over hand right that drops Valdivia. Arzeno lands multiple shot on a downed Valdivia but lands three illegal knees which causes a point deduction and a break in the action. Once the fight resumes Valdiva lands a lighting quick combo dropping Arzeno and earning the stoppage.

Recap: Exciting fast pace back and forth technical striking match that ends in a  highlight reel KO.

Valdiva TKO 1st

Photos courtesy of Brandon Haines


Drew Stewart vs. Michel Batista

Round One: Stewart starts the fight landing hard inside leg kicks, Batista counters with a couple different tae kwon doe kicks but nothing lands clean. Stewart goes for the take down but ends up on bottom. Batista lands ground and pound and attempts a rear naked choke/ neck crank, but fails to secure the body and ends the round on the bottom of Stewart. 10-9 Stewart

Round Two: Stewart pushes the pace on the feet, but ends up on the bottom when he attempts another take down. Batista secures half guard and begins to rain down ground and pound. Drew scrambles back to his feet but is immediately brought back down to the mat. Batista get half back and rides it out till the end of the round. 10-9 Batista

Round Three: Stewart continues to back Batista down but they both fail to connect on haymakers. Batista lands a few good low kicks but nothing significant lands. Stewart shoots again and Batista locks up a front choke that forces Stewart to his back. Batista finishes the last minute and a half on top in half guard. 10-9 Batista

Recap: Batista appeared he wanted to work his stand up, but did not land any significant strikes. Stewart was getting the better of the two on the feet but made a huge tactical error by continuously trying to grapple with the Olympic wrestler.

Punch-Face 29-28 Batista – Official Cards 29-28, 30-27, 30-27

Photos courtesy of Brandon Haines


Jose Caceres vs. Cristiano Souza

Welterweight Title Fight

Round One:  Soladado ends row feeling out process with a capoeira kick that just misses the mark. Souza lands a hard leg kick and follows it up with a over hand right, Caceras is able click and regain his wits. Cameras connects with a flying knee up against the cage that stuns Soladado, but Souza counters and drops Cameras again. Souza locks in a guillotine and jumps guard to end the round. 10-9 Souza

Round Two: Caceres dances around on the outside leaping in with single shots. Careers clinches Souza against the cage and secures the take down. Souza gets back to his feet and lands hard, Caceres lands a beautifully timed spinning back fist that drops Souza. Caceres follows him down where he lands a little ground and pound before sinking in the rear naked choke for the win and the title.

Round Three:

Round Four: 

Round Five:

Recap: The two strikers engaged in a entertaining creative striking display, Caceres lands a perfectly timed fall away spinning back fist that is the begining of the end. Caceres finishes with a rear naked choke.

Caceres Rear Naked Choke 2nd

Photos courtesy of Brandon Haines


Vagner Rocha vs. Yoislandy Izquierdo

Lightweight Title Fight

Round One: Izquierdo lands a few lighting quick low kicks to kick things off. Vagner shoots and secures the take down. Vagner controls for a minute and half before Izquierdo scrambles but Vagner locks up a leg lock. Izquierdo lands hard blows on Wagner as he is working for the leg lock. Vagner lands an illegal kick to a downed opponent which get him a warning and stops he action. 10-9 Rocha 

Round Two: Vagner ducks under Izquierdo’s one two and completes the double leg. Vagner passes to side after a scramble and than moves into mount. Rocha misses on a top side triangle attempt and falls into side but immediately regains mount. Izquierdo is able to get to his feet in the last minute but fails to land anything. 10-9 Rocha

Round Three: Izquierdo opens the round with a left straight that is his best shot of the fight. Vagner fails to complete a few attempts but gets the single leg mid way through the round.Vagner lands hard shots to the ribs to close the round out. 10-9 Rocha

Round Four: The two circle for an extended period where Izquierdo defends a few take downs and lands clean shots through the round. Izquierdo defends all of the take down attempts and easily wins the round. 10-9 Izquierdo

Round Five:  Needing the finish Izquierdo comes out guns a blazing and slips to allow Vagner the take down. Vagner controls Izquierdo for almost the entire round. Izquierdo gets the stand up in the last minute but it’s too little too late. 10-9 Rocha 

Recap: Rocha defends in a hard fought five round battle that tested the heart of both fighters. Izquierdo had some impressive moments on the feet and was able to defend a large amount of Rocha’s take downs, but in the end Rocha’s grappling was too dominant.

Punch-Face 49-46 Rocha – Official Cards 49-46, 49-46, 50-45

Rocha retains via unanimous decision

Photos courtesy of Brandon Haines


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