Martin Brown: The Best Fighter You Have Never Heard Of

If I was to tell you about a fighter who is 10-2 overall, on a eight fight win streak and undefeated since 2011, you might assume I was describing a fighter on the UFC’s roster You would be wrong in that assumption. These accomplishments are that of Gracie Tampa fighter Martin “Smash” Brown. Brown is coming off of a knockout victory of Island Fights champion Brok Weaver at Titan FC 41, a fight he took on one week’s notice. He has consistently fought and defeated opponents thoughout the country using a technical attack highlighted by his powerful striking and slick Jiu Jitsu. Brown does have national promotional experience fighting three times in Bellator, but was on the undercard on all three. So why have you not heard of MMA’s best kept secret?


Brown about to uncork a right straight on Jared Downing in one of his Bellator wins.

Brown’s fighting career began in his native Mississippi, he trained martial arts, but mostly as a way to stay in shape. But that all changed when he helped a promoter friend who needed a last minute replacement fighter to fill out his card. Brown stepped in and made his debut scoring a first round knockout by “closing his eyes and swinging”. It was clear he had a knack for the knockout and he began training to compete as a professional fighter.

After only three fights he earned a fight in Bellator Fighting Championships and was matched up against Division I All American wrestler JP Reese. Brown landed far more damage in the fight, but ultimately lost a decision due to the smothering lay and pray tactics of Reese. Following the Reese loss Brown realized he was going to need to focus on improving his grappling if he was going to become the fighter that he aspired to be. With this in mind he packed up and moved down to Tampa, Florida to train with the Gracie Tampa team under Royce Gracie’s first black belt Rob Kahn, among many others at the renowned gym.

It was clearly evident that Brown had made the right decision, he won his next four fights in the Mississippi based promotion Atlas Fights, three by stoppage. The new and improved Brown received another call up to Bellator, who by now had established themselves as one of the premier organizations. This version of Brown was ready for the bright lights and punished local Iowa fan favorite Jared Downing in a one sided decision. He followed the Downing victory with a knockout victory over Bryan Corley  who was a stand out in Chuck Norris’s World Combat League. However, Bellator underwent management changes and Martin was one of many fighters not signed to a new deal.

Following a brief lay off to recover from a minor shoulder injury Brown took a fight against Robert Dunn and scored yet another victory. Which brings us up to the deal with Titan FC, a relationship he started with a bang, scoring a knockout this past Friday on the event which aired on UFC Fightpass.


Brown moments before his knockout of Brok Weaver

So this brings us back to our original question, why have you never heard of Martin “Trey” Brown and why can’t he get fights? Are fighters ducking him? Not many guys are lining up to fight a guy of Brown’s skill level, especially considering he does not have the name recognition of many other fighters that would be a much easier fight. In a business that is built on fighters padding their records to get to the next level, Brown is a prospect’s nightmare.

Is he not marketable? If promoters are looking to sell tickets, Brown showcases all around skills that will please the snobbiest mma purist and the knockout power to satisfy the most casual  drunken fight fan. And he has the personality to back it up, he’s an articulate, educated guy who doesn’t shy away from the cameras.

Might it be his political views? Brown is outspoken about the oppression faced by African-American’s in the U.S and uses his platform to help shed light on the many adversities his community faces on a daily basis.

No matter the reason you have not heard of Martin Brown yet, one thing is for sure, once you see him fight, his name is one you won’t forget. Now under a four fight deal with Titan FC, Brown would be a more than game opponent for Freddy Assuncao’s lightweight title. It’s not a matter of talent with Brown, it’s opportunity. If he gets the opportunities, Brown could legitimately be fighting in the UFC within a year or two.

Click the link below to watch Brown’s 2014 fight with Bryan Corley in Bellator:


5 thoughts on “Martin Brown: The Best Fighter You Have Never Heard Of

  1. That’s my homeboy. Back in the day no one wanted to work with Trey because they saw his potential and they were scared of him becoming better than them. I worked with Trey a little he got that fight on Atlas the next thing I knew he was moving to Tampa. He works super hard & he would give his shirt off of his back. He met some real smart folks in Tampa that have elevated him to the top. People like Jahaad, and the Cozarts have turned Trey into a legitimate high level fighter! Proud of you bruh.


  2. Martin Trey Brown is the real deal and just needs an opportunity to shine. He fought Weaver at a catch weight of 160lbs, even though Trey fights at 145. He is humble enough to know that he truly can never and will never stop listening, learning and getting better, yet, experienced enough to know he can hang with the best. I don’t believe it will take 1-2 years to get in the UFC, but, once there Trey will make it his home.


  3. I knew Trey since we were little kids. This guy always have been the same a well speaker ,hard worker that will do anything for anybody that’s is welling to help themselves. He is overall the total package as a fighter and most importantly as a friend luv that dude real talk!!


  4. Trey works really hard. His story will some day be documented. Totally understand what inspires this guys work ethic. We’re both from Mississippi. He’s from Vicksburg and I’m from Grenada. Places where you can easily get caught up in the system and forced to make bad decisions. Getting out there is a story in itself. From the first day I met him, I knew immediately this guy was something special. He’s a classy and humble individual. He’d do anything the help anyone. I always see the fire in his eyes. With an opportunity, he’ll make the most of it. “Smash” without a doubt, is the real deal…

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