Fights to make after UFC 200

I’ll keep it quick and simple. UFC 200 has come and gone and left the MMA community with some burning questions after some divisional shake ups.

Below are potential match ups for each main card fighter that I believe we’d all like to see.

Amanda Nunes vs. Misha Tate:
Amanda Nunes: And new women’s bantam weight champion Amanda Nunes! Nunes looked good and did exactly what she does. She came out like a fireball and put a hurting on Tate to capture the belt. Unfortunately, the division is tied up right now with nothing exciting other than a potential match with a returning Rhonda Rousey later this year.
In reality, I see Nunes fighting Holy Holm if she can get by Valentina Shevchenko at UFC on Fox 20 later this month. Other than Rousey or Holm I don’t see a clear cut #1 contender at this time. Next Fight; Holm.

Misha Tate on the other hand has several potential match ups that make sense and would be appealing to the fans. Tate is one of the best and is capable of beating anyone in the division, Next Fight; I believe she’ll be in the gym after a short lay off and then potential rematches against, Sara McMann or Liz Carmouche make sense. What sounds even better is a #1 contender rematch vs. Holm or even Juliana Pena.

Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt

Brock Lesnar: Say what you will about how his skill set actually looked. The man came back after 5 yrs, had a 6 week camp and beat up Mark Hunt, which is no easy task. Lesnar is in limbo and under contract with the WWE. Who already stated this was a one off match they agreed let him fight in. In the end, I believe Brock will do what he wants to do. Next Fight; If he fights again, a fight against Travis Browne or Ben Rothwell would work for me. But, being the draw he is, I don’t see Brock getting anything less than a marquee matchup vs. a JDS or Werdum. Again, all dependent on what he decides to do with his career.

Mark Hunt: The Super Samoan can KO anyone in the division, but I believe has been relegated to a gatekeeper status after his most recent loss. If he walked away and hung up the gloves at 40, he’ll be remembered as one of the greatest combat sports participants in history. However, I believe Mark still wants to fight and could see him in a number of match ups in the HW div. Next Fight Derrick Lewis or Stephen Struve.

Daniel Cormier vs. Anderson Silva

DC was put in a tough spot after the new of Jones dropping dropped. He didn’t look great against the spider; his cardio may still be an issue in a 5 rnd fight. But, this was a 3 rnd fight against and aging and slowing Silva. DC did exactly what he had to do to get the win. Next fight; Winner of Anthony Johnson and Glover Teixeira.

Silva is the greatest UFC fighter of all time. With that said, he’s 1-5 in his last 6 fights. He has a lot of thinking to do on what his next move will be. Next fight; if he decides to keep fighting, let’s see him vs. Uriah Hall or Derek Brunson.

Frankie Edgar vs. Jose Aldo

Frankie Edgar came out on the wrong side of a decision once again. He was out struck by Aldo but was never really in any trouble. Frankie’s in an odd spot. He’s already beaten the best in the division outside of Aldo and McGregor. Next Fight; Max Holloway or Anthony Pettis; a move down to 135 would be exciting as well.

Jose Aldo; no other fight makes sense other than a rematch with Conor. Im not convince Conor will come back to 145. But if he does Aldo will be waiting. Im not sure the outcome will be any different form the result of their first fight, but will definitely watch. If the fight doesn’t happen for some reason, I hope would hope Max Holloway would get the nod and title shot.

Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne

Cain Velasquez came back after a yr off and beat Travis Browne like he was stealing his money in back alley. If Cain can stay healthy he has the tools to beat anyone in the div and successfully defend the belt. With that said I’d like to see him in a rematch against Werdum. Next Fight; Werdum, Rothwell, or winner of Overeem vs. Miocic

Travis Browne, what can I say, he has all the tools but can’t seem to put them all together vs. elite competition. Next fight Ruslan Magamedov.


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