Prospect Profile: Raufeon Stots

Name: Raufeon Stots



Fighting out of: Rofusport

When watching 27 year old RoufusSport fighter Raufeon Stots compete, you might say “Duke Roufus has done it again, taken a professional kickboxer and turned him into a successful mixed martial arts fighter”, not exactly an unprecedented story.

In the cage Stots does look the part of a veteran striker, but the exciting part about Stots is that he has never competed in a kickboxing match, pro or amateur . His background is quite the opposite of the average RofusSport fighter. Stots was a two time All-American wrestler at D-II school Nebraska-Kearny, where he lead his team to two National Titles.

Wrestling Championship

Stots executing a ridiculous sprawl in a 2012 National Championship match


Stots began his MMA journey when he went to Jens Pulver’s 802 Gym in Kearny, Nebraska. He originally worked to assist MMA fighters with their wrestling, but quickly fell in love with the sport and started to train for his own amateur fights.

Stots immediately had success in his these bouts, but found himself without a gym when Pulver’s 802 gym closed. He then made the decision to move to Iowa and train with Pulver and legendary trainer Pat Miletich and the Miletich Fighting Systems team.

His decision paid off, he compiled a 6-1 amateur record before deciding it was time to test himself at the professional level.


Stots in one of his 6 amateur wins against Nolan DeMars

With a solid amateur career in his past, and at the beginning of a successful professional career, Stots made the decision to switch camps yet again. This time he would would travel to Milwaukee to train with Duke Roufus and the RofusSport fight team, the premier camp for fighters looking to improve their striking.

Now 5 fights in to his pro career, Stots has dominated his competition . 5-0 with 3 finishes, he is performing on a different level than the journeymen and fellow prospects he has been matched up with.(See brutal head kick knockout of veteran William Joplin below.)

Stots is truly a naturally gifted athlete,  in fact, he did not start wrestling until he was a Junior in high school and went on to become a 2x All-American. But natural ability will only get you so far in this sport, it’s his tireless work ethic and daily training with other elite athletes that will set Stots apart from his competitors.

At 27, Stots should be coming into his fighting prime relatively soon. He still needs a bit more time in the ring, but expect to see him entering the octagon following 2 or 3 more fights on smaller shows. He will be a nice addition to the UFC’s already loaded Bantamweight division in 2017.


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