Is Jon Jones a D****

I’m writing today to talk about the enigma they call Jon Jones and how he’s proven time and time again that he is fact a dick and even a D-bag. First, let’s clear one thing up, despite the controversy, fan hate and legal troubles; Jon is one of the best ever…period. He’s beaten a who’s who of Light Heavyweight and has done so in convincing fashion. He’s a beast and currently sits at number 2 on my P4P list, only falling from #1 after the drubbing Might Mouse put on Henry Cejudo at UFC 197.

In an effort not to bore you too much and keep your attention I’ve compiled a list of Jones’ personal indiscretions along with fighters and people who don’t have anything good to say about him.



  • Admittedly held the Machida choke for dramatic effect even though he knew Machida was out, had to be told by his corner to “go get some fans” and check on Machida.
  • May 19, 2012, Jones drove his Bentley into a pole in NY and was charged with a DUI.
  • UFC 151, Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen and basically single handedly canceled the event (some champ)
  • Claimed his Instagram account was hacked after homophobic slurs were directed to a Swedish man back in 2014
  • Lost 2 endorsement deals with Nike…Not 1…but 2.
  • Tested positive for cocaine and admitted himself to rehab (for 1 night)
  • Fled the scene of an accident that HE caused leaving a pregnant women behind
  • Grabbed the cash out of the vehicle and left weed behind. For the record, I don’t care about weed, it can be very beneficial. However I don’t think anyone should be smoking and driving.
  • Stripped of his title and suspend by the UFC
  • Caught on video acting like a dick to the Albuquerque LEO who pulled him over for suspected drag racing. Dude, you’re known in that town, if you think they’re out to get you STFU and go about your business. Don’t give them any ammo.

Fighters who have had issues with Jones

Daniel Cormier – this is one of the biggest rivalry in MMA and rightfully so. They are two of the best trying to claim their spot at the top of the LHW division. DC constantly claims that Jones is a different person when the cameras are on and is a fake, D-bag, and most recently a bum

Chi-Lewis Parry – Another story of Jones turning it on for the camera then turning back in o the real Jones once the camera is off.

Rashad Evans – A former friend and training partner straight up called Jones a “Phony”

The Fans – the love from the fans just isn’t in Jones’ corner. He’s the greatest fighter ever and isn’t a huge PPV draw, there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to the dislike of him and his phony arrogant ways. (Fans aren’t dumb and can see through his facade he is putting up.

There you have it. Love him or hate him it really doesn’t matter. Facts are facts, he has several personal demons he is battling and I don’t believe his days in front of a judge are finished. I predict he will beat DC at UFC 200, then get KTFO’ed by Rumble later this year which will trigger his unraveling and departure from the sport for good.




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