Top 5 Most Gruesome Cuts and Hematomas In MMA History


It’s no secret in the world of MMA, or any combat sport, that injuries, cuts, and broken bones happen. It may be the reason that some of you love the sport and keep coming back. Some leave a pretty nasty image burned in your psyche, while others are so bad that once you see it there’s no turning back; you saw it, it’s in your head, and it’s not going anywhere. Every time you see another injury like it, you’ll be saying to yourself “man it’s bad but not as bad as”….(insert injury and fighters name here).. Example: Holy Crap!! Look at Mark Hominick’s eye, it looks like he was hit by a truck (in this case, Jose Aldo), but it’s not as bad as that time Ryan Jimmo turned Dewayne Lewis’s face in to an unborn alien creature. Any hard core MMA fan knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Without further adieu, here’s my top 5 F-ed up cuts, hematomas and faces in MMA, along with a few honorable mentions and the best of the rest.


Joe Lauzon Vs Jim Miller

UFC 155

It’s no surprise that Joe Lauzon makes the list. He’s one of the greatest lightweights in UFC history, his bloody slug fest with Jim Miller won fight of the year in 2012 and left Joe with some nasty battle scars.  If you have friends who are on the fence about MMA, show them this fight and they’ll either be hooked, or run like hell.



Martin Kampman training cut

UFC 111 Training Camp#5

During his UFC 111 training camp Kampman suffered one of the nastiest training gashes anyone has ever seen. Many people questioned him for pulling out of his fight with Ben Saunders. Once he posted the picture the questions stopped!




Miguel Torres vs. Joseph Benavidez

WEC 47

Back in 2010 the world thought Miguel Torres was unstoppable, and for the most part he was, Miguel fought Joseph Benavidez at WEC 47. Benavidez landed a shot that sliced through Torres’ forehead like warm butter, eventually leading to Torres being submitted in the 2nd round and landing him at #3 on my list.




Marvin Eastman vs. Vitor Belfort

UFC 43

June 6th 2003 Marvin “The Beastman” Eastman was making his promotional debut at UFC 43 against the always dangerous Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort. Who at the time was a juiced up killing machine and still considered a “Phenom”. (I loved the old Vitor). Long story short, The Phenom was aggressive and landed some devastating knees from the Thai clinch that opened a mammoth cut above the right eye of Eastman. At the time it was the biggest, nastiest cut ever seen inside the octagon, (it may well still be the biggest ever). Joe Rogan described it as the nastiest cut he had ever seen and compared it to a “Goats Vagina”. Not sure a goats vagina is a great comparison, but I don’t have anything better so goat’s vagina it is! To this day its one of the nastiest, deepest cuts ever… Hell. It’s probably # 1, but there’s something about the # 1 slot that just cuts right through me every time.



Marcus Davis Vs Nate Diaz

UFC 118

The Irish Hand Grenade Marcus Davis took on Nate Diaz at UFC 118 on his home turf of Boston.  For me, the end result, along with Davis’ face and eye take the top spot on my list. Davis’ eye ended up a huge, gnarly, hematoma, but started off as a nasty gash that Diaz continued to masterfully work. I remember this fight like it was yesterday.  Diaz was on a tear and Davis had the power to drop any one at 155 or 170.  It was an exciting fight that didn’t disappoint.  Both fighters came out throwing bombs. Davis managed to drop Diaz in the 1st, but as the fight went on Diaz used his size and reach to pick Davis apart rearranging his face in the process. Diaz went on to submit Davis in the third with a guillotine and take home his sixth fight of the night performance.


Honorable Mentions

Joe Stevenson vs. Bj Penn

UFC 80

This was one of the bloodiest fights I’ve ever seen, I remember jumping up at my friend’s house when the blood was spewing like a broken faucet from Stevenson’s heads.


Cub Swanson vs. Jose Aldo

WEC 41

Cub was on the vicious end of not one, but 2 flying knees from Jose Aldo at WEC 41 resulting in a brutal 7 second KO and nasty cut above his left eye.

Matt Mitrione vs. Travis Brown

UFC Fight Night 81

Mitrione ate a huge left from Browne after two nasty eye pokes. His eye swelled up immediately and Mitrione was eventually TKO’ed in the 2nd.  The most memorable thing for me wasn’t the actual hematoma. It was the look of panic and disbelief on Mitrione’s face. He was legitimately scared and worried about that eye, and rightfully so, that thing was serious!

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Browne vs Mitrione

Leslie Smith vs. Jessica Eye

UFC 180

Future Cris “Cyborg” opponent Leslie Smith, had a rough night in her bout with Jessica Eye at UFC 180. Smith’s cauliflower ear exploded and nearly tore her ear from her head.



Dewayne Lewis Vs Ryan Jimmo

MFC 28

Alien Baby Hematoma


There you have it. My top 5 most gruesome moments in MMA history and a few best of the rest. Hope you enjoyed it. If you don’t agree and want to discuss let me know, I’m always game for a little educated MMA discussion.


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